UNBC provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities that explore cultures, health, economies, sciences, and the environment. As one of BC’s research-intensive universities, we bring the excitement of new knowledge to our students, and the outcomes of our teaching and research to the world. In addition to fostering and celebrating academic excellence, UNBC is a welcoming place, with a learning environment that is friendly, inclusive, and supportive.

UNBC is a university both in and for the North. This mission has instilled a strong sense of ownership, purpose, and adventure among our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve. We are also Canada’s Green University™, leading the way to a more sustainable future for all.


UNBC’s motto, from the Dakelh (Carrier) Elders, is used to remind us that all people have a voice and a viewpoint. Interpreted as "respecting all forms of life," ‘En Cha Huná encapsulates the spirit of academic freedom, respect for others, and willingness to recognize different perspectives.


Our founders established a University “in the North - for the North.” They envisioned and built an institution where all are welcomed, learn, live, work closely with our faculty and staff, and transform the quality of life in Northern British Columbia, the province, and beyond.


UNBC strives to provide a safe and challenging learning environment where students gain leadership skills and stretch their boundaries, not only through academic discussion and debate but also through opportunities to work closely with faculty and staff on research projects and a wide range of initiatives that improve student life or contribute to a need in the community, the region or far beyond.


Our values inform our lives, our decisions, and our choices. At UNBC we value:

Experiential learning and discovery

Our community celebrates and strives to provide an unparalleled learning experience which ensures that our students are prepared to meet the challenges of a fast-paced modern world, while stepping up and making a difference. UNBC is a champion of intellectual freedom, academic inquiry, learning for its own sake, access to information, learning through applied and best practices in experiential initiatives and the development and mobilization of new knowledge.

Inclusiveness and diversity

Social and cultural diversity is core to enriching the learning environment of a modern university. The confluence of diversity and respectful discussion stimulates creative thoughts, new ways of thinking, and new pathways of inquiry. This ensures that our research questions address society as a whole, and enables us to train leaders who understand our local and global communities.


UNBC is a place where community thrives and where we strive to understand and care for other members of our University. It is a place all are welcome and where we commit to being respectful, innovative, resourceful, and responsive in our interactions with others.


To succeed we must be true to who we are, and focus on where we are now and what we want to be in the future. We are honest, supportive, and forthright in all our interactions, confronting problems and issues openly and constructively.

Academic excellence

Excellence in teaching and research is a central tenet of a destination university.