Current status: All clear

UNBC is committed to providing a safe campus for students, faculty, staff and guests. Our goal is to encourage people to be prepared for emergencies and disasters and to respond to, and recover quickly from, unexpected disruptions. UNBC’s commitment to emergency management has the full support of the President and senior executive and our planning is based on the British Columbia Emergency Management System (BCEMS) which is based on the Incident Command System. BCEMS are the lead coordinating agency for the Provincial Government who mandated its application to all Ministries; this system is also adopted by municipalities, districts, regions and agencies across the Province.

UNBC is committed to the following:

  1. Providing for the safety and health of all responders.
  2. Saving lives.
  3. Reducing suffering.
  4. Protecting public health.
  5. Protecting the University’s infrastructure.
  6. Protecting the University’s property.
  7. Restoring the University’s operations.
  8. Protecting the environment.
  9. Reducing economic and social losses.